Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Hardener

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I use it: Every other day
I can't say this is my favorite nail strengthener, but it does a magnificent job as a bottom coat.  Ever since I've started using this product underneath my manicures, my nails have stopped yellowing from the polish. It can be worn by itself to prevent mild peeling, but requires a fresh coat every other day. I would give this product a higher review as a bottom coat than a hardener, but it's a good product if you just want to add some everyday strength to your nails to keep them from chipping. 

          Pros:                                                                                      Cons:
          ~Works well as base/ top coat                                                 ~ Hardener chips like nail polish
          ~Moderately prevents peeling and breaking of nails                 ~Needs constant reapplication
          ~Dries quickly

I give this product:


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